Access the inaccessible

AB7's desire for both innovation and optimization is exceptional. The enthusiasm of all our teams grows every day, our products are constantly evolving and our technology is rapidly adapting to the progress of science to best meet our customers’ expectations.


People at the heart of innovation...

Through their experience and scientific and technical skills, men and women are part of a team in which collaborations are most effective in bringing innovative products to market all over the world.


...to meet all the challenges

Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Entomology, Industrial Protection, Industrialization, Quality Control and Regulation in constant evolution are all areas of expertise of AB7, enriching its technological know-how.


Industrial and precionist

Since the creation of AB7 in 1971, René Chelle has managed to maintain a family ownership, guarantee of long term performance. As an expert in biotechnology and industrial engineering, AB7 has been developed on three major axes:

- Human health and animal health within AB7 Santé,

- Home and garden care within AB7 Industries,

- and, recently, agro-ecology and bio-control.

The organization relies on a highly efficient digital system that links all of the Group's functions. Its productions are 100% made in France, with modern technologies conform to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. They comply with the most demanding standards of quality and regulations and offer consumers the best and most advanced products on the market.