Support Services

Develop products that comply with current regulations.
In the activities of the AB7 Group, the mastery of regulations holds a strategic place. AB7 has therefore expanded its multidisciplinary team whose activity is entirely dedicated to regulatory affairs.
Jean-Pierre LAUTIER, Pharmaceutical Director - AB7 Santé
Sous-traitance industrie pharmaceutique - Service support

Regulatory Department

The regulatory department is involved in all stages of a product's life: its support to customers during development, its marketing and distribution to ensure compliance with current regulations and anticipate changes.
Cosmetic products, biocides & detergents
  • Drafting and updating of regulatory administrative documents, cosmetic files, SDS and product labeling
  • Declarations for the marketing of products and raw materials
Pharmaceutical products
  • Coordination of the preparation of marketing authorisation files (MA) in accordance with regulations and guidelines
  • The regulatory department provides support to the various AB7 departments (R&D laboratories, purchasing, production, quality, sales, transport, Environmental Health & Safety - EHS) and to its customers.

Intellectual and Legal Property

Our legal department assists AB7 in drawing up the right contracts for a successful collaboration with our future partners.

The industrial property department works in close collaboration with the R&D teams, protecting their innovations with appropriate titles, in France and worldwide, such as patents, trademarks or designs, while ensuring the freedom of exploitation of future AB7 projects and products with respect to third-party patents.