Research, Development, Innovation

In direct line with market players, AB7 brings new approaches and market-ready solutions for the regulated sectors of human health, animal health, biocidal treatments for the domestic environment and biocontrol treatments for sustainable agriculture.

"A multidisciplinary and collaborative team at the service of our clients”
At AB7, the added value of a product or service comes from the collaboration of the different professions.
Veterinarians, chemical and materials engineers, entomologists, biologists, microbiologists, pharmacists, regulatory experts and intellectual property experts together form the necessary expertise to meet all the challenges.
The different units of the R&D Innovation laboratory allow us to take charge of many innovative research projects, at all stages of their development: design, formulation, efficiency, pilots and production.
Our different expertises

Galenic formulation

Development in the veterinary pharmaceutical, cosmetic and parachemical sectors (hygiene products, soaps and detergents, cleaning products, water treatment, biological purification).

Our galenic forms

Solid forms

Sustained release forms

Semi-solid forms

Sustained release forms

Non-sterile liquid forms

Sustained release forms
Our formulations are available in various primary and secondary packaging: sachet, doypack, vial, case, pipette, bottle, etc.


Development of industrial microbiological processes through the rational use of micro-organisms in various sectors of activity such as oenology, water treatment and agroecology.
Main activities of the department
  • Screening of antimicrobial agents and preservatives
  • Production of biomass and molecules of interest
  • Immobilization of micro-organisms on support
  • Scale-up and monitoring of the pilot with surveillance and custom instrumentation
  • Expertise in process and scale-up of selected micro-organism multiplication
  • Disinfection efficiency tests


Modify pest behavior to use pesticides only when necessary, in the right place and at the right time.
Detect and select the best biocidal actives, in synergy or not, in order to best affect the different targeted pests.
To test these mixtures of active ingredients after formulation, into effective finished products according to protocols in line with European and international biocidal regulations, or directly from recognised scientific publications.
This expertise allows our company and our customers to offer products on the market whose effectiveness has been optimised.
Main activities of the department
  • Insect breeding
  • Screening of active ingredients (repellents, attractants, insecticides) on a large panel of flying arthropods (mosquitoes, sandflies, flies, ...) and crawling arthropods (cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ...).
  • Definition of vitro/vivo test protocols
  • Formulation recommendations
  • In vitro efficacy studies of formulated products
  • Coordination of vivo tests & interpretation of results
  • Trapping devices
  • Definition of control and eradication strategies

Analytical Development

An analytical park and a team dedicated to the development, optimisation and validation of analytical methods on any type of matrix, from raw material to finished product.
The analytical research and development laboratory is involved throughout the design and production phases to ensure product quality and safety.
Feasibility study
Protocol writing
Quality control transfer
Main activities of the department
  • Guarantee the reliability of the results through proven studies
  • Define product control specifications
  • Carry out analyses according to the pharmaceutical standards in force
  • Provide support in the drafting of product registration and marketing authorisation files

Product characterisation

The characterization of the products uses the know-how of all the teams in order to guarantee safe, effective, efficient and quality products.
  • Physico-chemical measurements
  • Dosage of active ingredients and excipients
  • Release kinetics
  • In vitro and vivo efficacy studies

Stability studies

In accordance with international standards, AB7 carries out stability studies on products, both in the context of research and development projects and at the pilot and industrial batch stage.
  • Development and validation of stability protocols
  • Accelerated and real time ageing studies
  • Studies under stress/forced degradation conditions
  • Studies of container-content interactions
  • Chemical, physical and microbiological analyses
  • Photostability, "In-use" stability
  • Transport studies
  • In vitro release tests
Studies carried out in thermostatically controlled ovens and under controlled humidity according to the ICH standard.

Industrial Transfer

From laboratory scale to large production runs, AB7 ensures, with its pilot equipment, that processes are validated soas to guarantee repeatability, reproducibility and product conformity.