Joining AB7 means joining a group in full development.

The AB7 Group designs and markets its products for specialized distribution, veterinary and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Working at AB7

AB7 is a fast-growing, family-owned, mid-sized company based in Deyme, near Toulouse (Occitanie) and in Sunrise, Florida (USA), and an international leader in biochemistry, biotechnology and human and animal health.

From design, via advanced R&D, to production, through industrialization and the most rigorous quality control, its 280 employees combine innovation, expertise and know-how to meet current and future industrial challenges.

Male-female mix
38 years
Average age
x 2
Number of employees in 4 years
Employees on permanent contracts
5 years
Average seniority

AB7 is committed to putting gender equality at the heart of its Human Resources policy.

In accordance with the new provisions of the French Labor Code, AB7 publishes the results of the gender equality index each year on its commitments page.

Gender equality index
Period from 01/01/2023 to 12/31/2023
A popular setting near the site
Work environment
At AB7, we believe that the work environment is essential for the well-being of our employees.
AB7 Group – Deyme, France

AB7 Group is located in Deyme, in Haute-Garonne, 20 minutes from Toulouse.
Close to nature, the Canal du Midi surrounds the site, and leads to a park at 5 minutes walking distance, where it is good to have lunch in the summer. Shops and restaurants are 5 minutes away by car.

The premises are new and renovated. Our laboratories and production areas are equipped with the latest technology.

AB7 America – Sunrise, Florida

AB7 America is located in Sunrise, Florida, in the upscale Sawgrass Corporate Complex near Sawgrass Mills Mall, with easy access from Interstates 595, 75 and Sawgrass ExpressWay. The added bonus? A view of the lake!

They work at AB7...

And speak better than we do!
Discover the testimonies of the people who make up our teams on a daily basis.

I started working at AB7 at the beginning of 2008 as an analytical chemistry technician and I evolved as an assistant manager in the quality control laboratory in 2020. Ab7 is part of a dynamic of innovation of new products and regularly improves the tools and resources to meet the new requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. For me, this dynamic has allowed for significant personal and professional growth in the fields of quality and analytical chemistry. The investments in equipment and the training provided to the personnel have allowed me to work more efficiently, more completely with a better mastery of the products and applications. This has allowed me to grow in this job which I find exciting. My relations with the other employees are based on dialogue and mutual understanding and allow me to work in a dynamic and respectful atmosphere.

Cyril C.
Assistant Quality Control Laboratory Manager at AB7 since 2008

With several years of experience in different laboratories, in 2011, I joined AB7 as an R&D laboratory technician on a fixed-term contract. After my move to a permanent contract and 7 years in this position, this SME trusted me and allowed me to evolve and become the head of the R&D analytical laboratory. At the beginning, there were only 2 of us, but the constant development of AB7 in terms of recruitment and equipment investments allowed me to create a dynamic team of project managers and technicians, who participate in the development of characterization methods for a wide variety of products. For 11 years in the AB7 R&D department, reactivity, innovative spirit and communication with the various teams are essential to face the many challenges of everyday life.

Aurélie M.
Analytical Manager at AB7 since 2011

My integration into the group was natural, starting with a temporary job, continuing with a fixed-term contract and ending with a permanent contract. Moreover, the fact that I was supervised by experienced operators and adjusters allowed me to be accompanied and to develop my skills. After 17 months at AB7, the position of operator corresponds to my expectations. I am now autonomous and responsible, all in a good atmosphere.

Alexandre S.
Operator-Setter at AB7 since 2020

Starting working at AB7 Group was a huge personal challenge for me due to two main reasons. The first reason was that I had to move from Barcelona to France to join AB7 Group and the second, was because the Regulatory Affairs department was built up from zero. From day one I felt enormously welcome by all my co-workers as they were constantly trying to help and support me in any way I needed. In a short time, I was able to recognize that AB7 Group workers are hardworking, dynamic, professional, and honest. I feel honored to be part of such an amazing company and to be involved in such impactful projects together with a remarkable team.

Jose H.
Regulatory Affairs Manager at AB7 from 2021

I am currently on a fixed-term contract as an R&D technician in active polymer devices at AB7 for over a year. I wanted to join the research department because I wanted to diversify and get involved in a little known field. AB7 is a human-sized company which allows us to see the life cycle of a product, from its conception to its production and I think that this is a real asset! Working at AB7 pushes us to innovate and to go further in our ideas, this makes for a very stimulating and rewarding professional life. I would say that it's a good place to live, there is a dynamism and a taste for science, that's for sure. I'm lucky enough to be part of this team and I'm very happy about it.

Chloé E.
R&D Technician at AB7 since 2020