Industrial know-how

Aiming for industrial excellence through the continuous optimization of our processes, because our customers' satisfaction is our priority!

Our know-how is applied to the development of manufacturing processes to obtain operational, cost controlled, industrial products corresponding to consumer needs.

Entreprise production pharmaceutique - savoir-faire industriel
AB7 has diversified and flexible production equipment allowing production batches of adaptable size
Formulation of liquids and solids
Powder mixers, cream machines, liquid formulation tanks, tablet presses, dosing pumps, ...
Polymer processing
Compounders, injection molding machines, extruders, casting machines
Industrial Capabilities

AB7 is building up its continuous production capacities on its two sites, in France and in the USA. 

The Group is currently able to produce up to :

  • 35 million pipettes/year in France and 20 million in the USA
  • 10 Million collars/year in France and 5 Million in the USA
Production of Veterinary Spot-On
Equipped with different machine technologies, AB7 packages your liquid formulations in various single-dose formats ranging from 0.6ml to 5ml.
fabricant accessoires animaux
Production of Veterinary Collars
Expert in long-lasting diffusion devices, AB7 offers collar formats adapted to all sizes of animals and able to respond to various applications: anti-parasite, stress and anxiety, behavioral disorders, care for animal welfare, ...
Our packaging tools allow us to offer a wide choice of packaging and product presentations
Pump bottle, Bottle
Spot-on, Tube, Roll-on
Pouch, Doypack, Stick
Case, display
Aerosols, sprays
AB7 offers personalization solutions to enhance brands
  • Personalization of products (logo on the buckle of veterinary collars for example)
  • Varnishing, gilding, embossing, customization of packaging (European hole, thermoformed insert, ...)
  • Range of cardboard supports adapted to your requirements: compact, fluted, single-sided, FSC
  • Integration of instructions
  • Printed displays / Product displays
  • Bulk containers, for ecological solutions