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Household products, sanitation solutions, unblockers, insecticides, anti-green deposits, facade cleaners, pool water treatment ... The AB7 Group offers a complete range of products for the maintenance of the house and its exterior.
From the floor to the ceiling, from the kitchen to the pool, your house has never been so clean.


Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, sanitary facilities, floors, pits... AB7 offers a wide range of products as well as natural and ecological certified solutions for the maintenance of the house and to revive the shine of all washable surfaces.

Our solutions offer
Ecological cleaning & home made
Kitchen & Bathroom
Toilets, drains, unblockers & pits
Floors, Windows & Multi-purpose
Disinfecting & deodorizing cleaners
Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts
Plancha, Barbecue & outdoor furniture
Major works


In order to facilitate the maintenance of your roofs, facades and terraces, AB7 has designed a complete range of products specially dedicated to the cleaning, treatment and protection of all exterior surfaces.

Our solutions offer
Ready-to-use and concentrated cleaning products
Ready-to-use and concentrated green treatment and anti-deposit products
Ready-to-use and concentrated waterproofing and protection products


To enjoy your home and your exterior in complete peace of mind, AB7 offers solutions against pests, insects and other parasites. They protect you while bringing you well-being and serenity.

Our solutions offer
All insects
All flyers
All crawlers
Wasps & Hornets
Fleas, mites & bedbugs
Other repellents


Pool maintenance is essential to keep your pool cool during the summer.
AB7 brings you its expertise in helping you keep your pool clean all year long.

Our solutions offer
pH analyzers and correctors
Chlorine treatments
Bromine and active oxygen treatments
Winterization & Cleaners

Discover our leading brands ECOGENE, BIO 7, ECOALA and FAIT MAISON D'ECOGENE

The AB7 institutional brand: ECOGENE

ECOGENE includes a complete line of household products such as multi-purpose cleaners, high-powered degreasers, window cleaners, disinfectants, descaling and floor care cleaners, and many other products to make your home and exterior shine.

ECOGENE strives to create powerful, highly effective, environmentally friendly products that meet the expectations of its customers. ECOGENE products meet the highest standards of cleanliness and are the solution to dirt and grime.

BIO 7, the reference since 1971, all-tank specialist

With the birth of AB7, formerly SETRIC, the 1st range of biological products for domestic use, BIO 7, was also created, featuring exclusive technology for maintaining all types of pits.

For septic tanks, grease traps, all-water tanks and micro-stations, there are 2 types of BIO 7: BIO 7 Choc, for rapid start-up and reactivation, and BIO 7 Entretien, to prevent clogging and ensure that waste elimination cycles run smoothly.

BIO 7 is 50 years of expertise consistently effective products for loyal customers.

ECOALA, an ecological alternative

ECOALA is a brand of eco-friendly cleaning products offered by AB7, a company committed to promoting a circular economy and responsible consumption. The ECOALA range includes multi-purpose cleaners, degreaser, anti-limescale, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, floor cleaning products and much more. These ecological products are made from natural raw materials, without chemicals that are harmful to the environment or to health. The ECOALA product line is designed to meet the cleaning needs of all types of users, offering an ecological and effective alternative to traditional cleaning products.

All ECOALA products are certified ECODÉTERGENT by ECOCERT (except sanitizing sprays), and go even further than the requirements of this certification.
Moreover, ECOALA uses recyclable packaging to reduce its impact on the environment.

The outdoor cleaning revolution with ECOGENE CLEAN TECH

Thanks to its innovative technology, our brand-new roof, facade and terrace cleaner enables you to use the water from your recovery tank as soon as the 1st rainfall.

Professional quality with long-lasting scaling for many years.No need to choose between effective exterior cleaning and rainwater harvesting!

Make your own products with FAIT MAISON D'ECOGENE

Making your own household products is ecological, natural and economical!

Less waste and opting for the reusable, this is the challenge of the brand FAIT MAISON D'ECOGENE.

The brand offers two ranges:

  • A range of ingredients to make household products for the home such as: baking soda, white soap, black soap, citric acid, soda crystals, white vinegar, Marseille soap.
  • A range of powders to be dissolved in water, to reconstitute in a single gesture household detergents such as a degreasing cleaner, a glass cleaner, an anti-scale product, a dishwashing liquid, a detergent or a dishwashing powder. This avoids the transportation of liters of water and limits the carbon footprint.

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