Human health

AB7 laboratories have developed a range of discreet products to provide you with comfort and well-being throughout your.
Natural products, pleasant to apply, easy to use and practical to take everywhere with you.

Hygiene & Cosmetics

Acting on the well-being of women through plant-based products, has been the vocation of AB7 in developing a complete range of organic cosmetic care ( Cosmos certification).

Our solutions offer
Moisturizing range
Anti-aging range
Purifying & exfoliating range
Nourishing range
Body line
Hygiene and disinfection
Galenic forms
Cream, serum, mask
Milk and gel
Shower gels & shampoos
(Packaging from 15ml to 200ml)
Body & hair
Face & Eye Contour
Hand and foot care

Anti-insect protection

AB7 Santé and its entomology laboratory use all their expertise and know-how to protect you from insects and their bites.

Our solutions offer
Mosquito repellent range
Anti-tick range
Soothing stings
Galenic forms
Bracelets / wristband
For the whole family

Relaxing care

By mastering the diffusion of active ingredients over time, AB7 has developed product lines that provide immediate relief and well-being for a long-lasting action.

Our solutions offer
Relaxing range
CBD well-being range
Galenic forms
Long Lasting diffusion device
Local or global care

Accessibility of our products and technologies

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