AB7 America receives Arc Broward's High Five Award

Arc Broward is a private, non-profit organization in the United States that provides services to children and adults with autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities, as well as to people with a variety of life challenges. The organization recently awarded AB7 America the High Five Award.

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November 10, 2022

AB7's american subsidiary just received an award from Arc Broward

The High Five Award is given to the employer who has distinguished itself as an advocate for people with disabilities, gone beyond its usual role to promote diversity and inclusion, and has a long-term partnership with Arc Broward.

Recruiting Arc Works Talents

AB7 America has hired two job seekers (5% of its workforce) from Arc Works talent, Arc Broward's program to help participants obtain and maintain employment, complete post-secondary education or job training, and advance their knowledge of financial stability concepts and behaviors. Currently, 2 of these talents are employed as production operators.

A place of internship for students

AB7 America is also an internship site for students enrolled in the material handling course.
For 3 months, a team of 1 to 4 students with a supervisor from Arc Broward come to AB7 in the morning for field training. They then go to lunch and spend the afternoon for theoretical training and testing at Arc Broward. If they graduate, after 3 months, Arc Broward helps them find a job.

A win-win situation

Hiring talent from Arc Works is a win-win situation for the person hired as well as for the company, which invests in diversifying and developing its workforce.

The AB7 group is committed to the theme of disability by offering positions open to people with disabilities and by entering into partnerships with adapted companies for the recruitment of personnel with disabilities such as Arc Broward.

Thank you Arc Broward for giving this award to AB7 America!


Credit photos : Arc Broward