After years of top sustainability practices, AB7 America becomes Benefit corporation

To become a Benefit Corporation, companies must commit to long-term ethical and environmental practices.

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October 20, 2022

SUNRISE, Florida – Since Alzoo Pet Products (AB7 America, Inc.) began, it has operated based on principles that best serve its employees, the customers (and their pets) and the planet. For years, Alzoo has considered the environmental and social impact in every facet of its business model as it delivers natural pet products for everything from repellants to calming and grooming. In an exciting step forward in transparency and sustainability, AB7 America has officially changed its status to become a Benefit Corporation. Alzoo is also currently in the midst of its audit to earn B-Corp Certification, a separate, rigorous evaluation that further solidifies its sustainability and social accountability.


“As a company that aims to be a force for good in the world – creating products that make a positive, direct impact on people, their pets and the community they live in, becoming a Benefit Corporation was the natural step forward for Alzoo. Benefit Corporations must commit to high standards, purpose, accountability and transparency surrounding all its operations – standards we are proud, and have always been proud, to uphold,” said Alzoo CEO, Philippe Chelle.


For companies to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation, they legally commit to ethical practices from stakeholder/board decision-making that lay the foundation to continuously aligntheir mission with B Lab’s Impact Assessment for social, environmental andethical practices. Alzoo’s compliance with B Lab’s strict criteria to become a Benefit Corporation is in the following 5 areas:


1.   Governance of its overall mission, ethics ,responsibility, transparency and the ability to integrate these into the company vision, value and statutes.

2.   Employees benefit from better working conditions and environments (including compensation, social benefits, training,health and safety and more).

3.   Companies striving for certification aim not only to incorporate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the best Supply Chain Management policies to make a positive impact on their employees, but they also develop partnerships and advocate for adoption of practices that improvethe economic and social wellbeing of the communities in which theyoperate, to enhance the lives of all people and take better care of our planet. 

4.   Dedicated to improving the environment as a sustainable and regenerative economy (reduction of the carbon footprint, impact on air, climate, water, land and biodiversity).

5.   Benefit its customers with products and services that support the common good.


About Alzoo:

Alzoo uses science, ingenuity, safe ingredients and sustainable practices to empower you, your pet and your family to engage in what mattersmost (without troublesome distractions like fleas, ticks, dirt, stains and stress). Their determination to create better quality products means you can do more adventuring, more cuddling, more exploring, more relaxing ... more living.They help pets do more, too, by staying protected and healthy. With effective, eco-friendly formulations, they make it easy to be both a good pet parent and agood citizen of the Earth. Alzoo does more so you can too.

Alzoo develops, with the support of its employees and parent company located inF rance (AB7 Group), a global internal dynamic to ensure its environmental, social and societal values, and commitments that are ubiquitous throughout all company operations.

To learn more about Alzoo, visit their website and on Instagram.


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